Change is a good thing.



When you have been hand making knitted and sewn products for as long as I have, its hardly surprising that after years of making the same (or variations on particular products) you start to crave the fun and excitement of the creative process again.

What I realised was I needed to make something completely new, something fresh, and something that I can get passionate about.

Its not that I don’t enjoy making mice, bunnies and dolls. I love dressing up dolls in clothes I have hand crafted, but after making over 300 bunnies and 1000 plus mice in under a year, I feel in need of a change. Not a complete change, just a revamp.

So, where to start? The way I always start, with a list.

This list was not my usual ‘Monday – things to do’ list, this was a list to help me focus on what is important to me? What inspires me?

The answer was right in front of me – Childhood.

I am fascinated by what makes a toy a favourite toy, the games we played as children, the books we read, the TV shows we watched and the happy memories they created.

What I wanted most as a child was for my toys and drawings to come to life.

The perfect place to start.


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