Weddings and more weddings.

Paper flowersMay, June, July and August are all about weddings. During these months the orders start coming in thick and fast for personalised Bride, Groom and Bridesmaid dolls.

Customers provide details of their clothes and I work hard to create mini replicas of each outfit. Sometimes the dresses are simple, sometimes they are full of embroidered detail. Sometimes they look so complicated I don’t know where to start!

I understand the importance of this special day and It is such a pleasure to be involved.

Over the next few weeks I will post some of the dolls I have been creating. I will warn you now, there are a lot!




My sister is getting married.

My sister and her new husband.Today is the morning of my sisters wedding. I can’t believe it has finally arrived and that she will soon be a married lady!

Yesterday was spent making flower arrangements for the venue, helping my youngest sister decorate the wedding cake (its amazing!) and ended with a manicure and pedicure…..which I smudged in the first 10 minutes.

Let the wedding day begin!

On the News

I was interviewed for BBC news on Tuesday which was pretty exciting. They did a little feature on my OLYMPKNITS book and the Animation. I was filmed for over an hour but was shown for all of ……. 20 seconds! It was a good bit of publicity and I have since been tweeted by ‘real’ Olympic athletes.

Sadly as it was a news piece it was only online fore 24 hours. Hopefully I can get a clip from the BBC so that I can link it to my website.


A weekend off

For the first time since about October I have not set foot inside the studio all weekend, even though I have been in London the whole time.
Its been so nice to do ‘London’ things – Borough market, Monmouth coffee, Brockwell park, Herne Hill, The Lido cafe, Islington, The southbank. It was exactly what the doctor ordered…I even had time to bake a lemon drizzle cake. Its very tasty!

I love my work and my studio but sometimes its good to get away from it for a while so that when you come back you are refreshed and ready to start again.

I’m looking forward to another busy week and ticking all the things off my ‘to do’ list…well making a massive dent in it anyway!

Youtube clip

As I mentioned in my last post (yes I know, It was only an hour ago!) about the little youtube clip I though i should write another post with the link to it.
Its well worth watching. Its very funny.

Bride and Grooms

Ive just got back from my holiday and seem to have developed a bit of a cold, so rather than waste time i thought I would write a ‘proper’ post on my blog.

BUT…There is so much to write, I don’t know where to start!

I’ll start at the beginning.

Anyone who knows me will know I like to chat…so I will say sorry in advance if I blabber on a bit….oh and I am not the greatest speller. One friend described it as ‘creative spelling’, so if I ‘creatively spell’ just read between the lines!!!!

Anyway, the last few months have been pretty busy for me. Work usually quietens down after Christmas but this year I have been busy right up until my little holiday last week. The wedding season appears to have started earlier so I have been busy making personalised Bride and Grooms. I have made dolls dressed in all styles of dresses and suits. Some of the more querky ones are the most successful. I will try and upload some pictures so that you can see a selection of the different dolls I have made.

My Olympknits book has also created a bit of a stir and the fantastic little youtube clip has had over 1100 views in a week. I’ll post up a link soon but if you can’t wait, google it. Its well worth a look.

Keep checking my website. New products will be added very soon. Its my (very late) NY resolution. Better late than never though!